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What are clients that you refer to us saying about Orion Mortgage Corporation

Dear Joe,

Real People

Joe, you and your entire office are awesome. Please indulge a brief story: today at the condo, the condo realtor (Cynthia - who now refers business to Orion Mortgage) asked if we knew anything about the conditional approval and whether it was underway. We said no, but "our guy" is on it, he'll get it to you. She said (as she went toward her desk drawer), "Well, I'll just give you the name of a guy we use, just in case..." I said, "No, Joe does all of our stuff. We're going to use him." Realtor: "Yeah, but sometimes these guys think "it's just an $80K loan, so I'll put it off." We responded: "Joe not only does all of our mortgages, but he takes care of our family as well -- we'll be fine with him, don't worry."

Moral: You and your team have earned a level of trust and confidence with us that you just don't find everyday. Please share these sentiments with your staff as I know that they are just as responsible for this reputation as you are.


Sam has done four transactions with Orion

Hey Brian,

Real People

I wanted to tell you how happy I have been with the way you and everyone else there have handled this whole experience for me. Every time I mentioned something, no matter how small, it was remembered and addressed, and I really appreciate that. You made everything seem to go smoothly, although perhaps it wasn't quite as smooth as it appeared to me! I will always refer friends to your company, with confidence and enthusiasm. Thanks a lot.


Andy was referred to us by one of our past clients and this was his first home purchase

Hi Joe,

Real People

I hope you are doing fine. Ted was so pleased with you, he actually called me from his cell phone when he left your office. He seemed so confused with the other mortgage company he called me one evening and that's when your name came up. We will always refer you to our family and friends. Take care and god bless!!!

Your amigos,
Abe & Robbie

Ted is the third person Abe and Robbie have referred to Orion


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