Open / Close Mailing Address

Please direct all correspondence to the following address:

    Orion Mortgage Corporation
    11120 N. Tatum Blvd
    Suite #100
    Phoenix, Arizona 85028

Please direct all telephone calls and facsimiles to the following numbers.

    Telephone: (602) 912-0222
    Facsimile:   (602) 912-9333

Please use the extension listed for the representative you wish to contact:

 Open / Close Representatives
Joe Ashton Owner & CFO  204 
Scott Burkardt Loan Officer   
Kristy Eib Loan Officer   
Janin Jane   
Janin Jané Mortgage Specialist   
Luann Klimchock Loan Officer    
Daniel Rankin  208 
Nick Vieron Loan Officer   
Brian Yampolsky (NMLS #177 Owner & CEO  205 
Lona  Beavers Processor   
Customer Care   
LAUREEN GREEN Processor   
Shelley Heun Processor  208 
Brenna Waterman Processor   


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